Transportation Systems and Technology

Peer-reviewed research journal. It has been published since 2015 under the management of Professor Anatoly Zaitsev (Editor-in-Chief):

Founders of the journal:

The journal’s scope:

The Journal is comprised of original articles on experimental and professionally focused (applied) research, as well as scientific reviews on the transportation, and other associated branches.


  • Platinum Open Access for all published articles, no APC or other fees for authors;
  • All articles are available under International license: CC BY

The journal’s mission:

The mission of the journal is to establish an international discussion forum, in order to form a base of forward-looking ideas for fundamental and applied research and development, which would encourage the integration of education, science, and production in order to achieve the innovative development of transportation and all associated branches.

We publish scientific works which encompass:

  • Topical issues of the development of transportation, reflecting technical and technological, economic and ecological aspects;
  • Innovative solutions that ensure transport safety, create a modern infrastructure and increase energy efficiency;
  • The unique multifunctionality of magnetic levitation technology;
  • Experience with, and the prospects of the commercial operation of maglev systems;
  • Current progress in fundamental research, the results of numerical simulation, and the full-scale testing of samples of technical and technological innovation.

The edition is issued with the support of many organizations such as:


The articles published in the journal “Transportation Systems and Technology” are indexed in the international abstract and full text databases:

The journal has been registered with The Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). Certificate of Registration № ФС77-53673 (FS77-53673) of April 17th, 2013.

Since the end of 2017, the electronic scientific journal, “Transportation Systems and Technology”, has been issued both in the English and Russian languages.



Higher Attestation Commission of Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science (VAK)

The Journal "TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS END TECHNOLOGY" has been included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science (VAK)

Posted: 30.11.2019
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Current Issue

Vol 5, No 3 (2019)

Cover Page
Socialization of public transport in the new technological paradigm
Zaitcev A.A.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(3):4-17
State and trait anxiety when making management decisions on the transport
Grigorev N.N.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(3):18-25
Perspectives for the development of high-speed transport
Chechenova L.M., Egorov Y.V., Volykhina N.V.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(3):26-35
Original papers
New Dzungaria Gates for wmlt-corridor: historical necessity
Bogachev V.A., Terentyev Y.A., Koledov V.V., Bogachev T.V.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(3):36-44
Key indicators of assessment of effectiveness of railway transport innovative development strategy
Satsuk T.P.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(3):45-58
Analysis of interrelation between level of mobility and transport expenses of population
Bondar S.G.
Transportation Systems and Technology. 2019;5(3):59-71

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