4(10), 2017

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A. S. Adalev1,2,V. G. Kuchinskii1,2
1OJSC"Research and Production Association "Russian Electric Drive",2Peterthe Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

(Linear electricmotor with pm excitation for a freight magnetolevitation platform)

The paperpresents the design of a traction electric drive based on a linear synchronousmotor with permanent magnets (PM) excitation. The electric drive is a part ofthe demonstration mock-up and is intended for the linear movement of a freightplatform that is suspended in the air bymeans of the magnetic field. The drive performs a smooth movement of theplatform with a required speed, platform stop, and changing of the direction of
the movement. The motor inductor with permanent magnets is fixed on theplatform whereas the motor stator is placed on the ground being supplied withpower through semiconductor converter. The stator consists of the independentmodules that are sequentially connected to the converter as the inductor moves.Commutation of the modules and commutation the windings inside the activemodule is performed by the signals from some optical sensors attached to theinductor. Modular design of the motor stator and sectional feeding of itswindings from the same converter allow to create a levitation mock-up with anarbitrary length of the motion path. At that all the technical solutionsadopted in the drive design are directed to reducing of the drive productioncost.