Maglev 2018 will pass in PSTU

On September 23-26, 2016 in Berlin within the International exhibition of transport technologies InnoTrans 2016 the 23rd International conference Maglev 2016 took place. During the Conference the decision on holding conference Maglev 2018 at Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University was made.

Representatives from 22 countries took part in the work of the Conference (Russia, Japan, Korea, the USA, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden, China, Iran, Spain, Austria, etc.). Russia took part for the first time. 18 people – specialists in the field of magnetic levitation transport technologies from St. Petersburg and Moscow entered into structure of the delegation headed by Professor Anatoly Zaitsev.

The senior research associate of PSTU Sergey Smirnov was included in the structure of Managing committee of Maglev from Russia. Two countries applied for holding another, 24th International Maglev 2018 conference: China and Russia. Having sustained conditions of a fierce competition, Russia acquired the right to accept participants of Maglev 2018 at Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University.

On a photo from left to right:

Boris Lapidus 
professor, Chairman of the Joint academic council of JSC "Russian Railways" (Moscow, Russia)

Hirouki Osaki 
professor, head of the international managing committee of Maglev (Tokyo, Japan)

Tamila Titova 
professor, Vice Rector of PSTU (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Johannes Kluehspies 
professor, President of the international council of Maglev, Chairman of Maglev 2016 (Munich, Germany)

Anatoly Zaitsev 
professor, Speaker of Maglev 2016 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Evgenia Morozova 
the graduate student of PSTU (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Sergey Smirnov
PSTU, Member of the international managing committee of Maglev (St. Petersburg, Russia)