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Yury F. Antonov, Anton S. Krasnov, Tatiana S. Zimenkova
Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University


Abstract: One of the most pressing problems of modern transport systems in terms ofvolume growth and improve the quality of freight and passenger traffic in the world of todayare increasing the traffic speed and decrease energy costs associated with these services.These problems can be solved through the introduction of high-speed, in particular maglevtransport systems. This article provides a description and possible applications of coolingsuperconducting materials in the development of promising structures maglev transportsystems. The relevance of the research world experience in the use of high-temperaturesuperconducting materials using maglev technologies in various fields of science andtechnology.
The purpose of this article is to summarize the currently existing cooling systems oftendencies of development of low-temperature and high-temperature superconductingdevices. Identify the key strategic directions of development of technologies in this field, aswell as the generalization of performance characteristics of systems with low and hightemperature superconducting devices.
Results: In this article of the used analytical methods. The results obtained in thecourse of the research, will create the basis for further research in the field of manufacture ofsuperconducting materials and in the development of high-performance cooling systems.The practical significance of the results is the significant simplification of further research inthe field of superconducting technology and focus on the most important unsolved problemsin this area.
Conclusions: The article deals with current issues of application systems cryostattingLTS and HTS systems using high-temperature superconductors. The existing to date design ofcooling systems, as well as highlights of the promising directions of development of this area.

Keywords: maglev transport systems, superconductors, low-temperaturesuperconductors, high- temperature superconductors, kriokooller.