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Y. N. Kamanin, L. S. Ushakov
I. S. Turgenev Orel State University


Annotation: The article talked about planetary executive body of miner combine.
Introduction: Doing work on the sinking of the strong rock is always associated withhuge energy consumption. In particular due to the fact that in most modern roadheaderdestruction produced by cutting. A cutting rocks process is very energy-intensive anddemanding to the quality of the cutting tool. Due to the nature of this method combines musthave a very large mass and dimensions. These shortcomings are not critical during the passageof the long straight tunnel. But for sinking short process areas required technological machineconsiderably smaller dimensions. Such an instrument can be a roadheader with planetaryshock the shearing executive body.
Objective: Development of miner combine the concept of planetary shock the shearingexecutive body.
Method: In order to achieve this goal have been used such scientific methods asanalysis and synthesis, generalization, analogy, comparison, system approach. The analyticalpart of the work was carried out by examining the kinematics of the executive bodies forfurther optimization of their trajectories by SQP method.
1. Describe the basic structure of the planetary shock-shear body heading machine;
2. a study of the kinematics of the executive bodies;
3. The obtained optimal values of some parameters of planetary impact-shear body.
Conclusion:As a result of the research has been the necessity to develop compact tunnelingmachines, based on the destruction of rock shock-mechanical process that allows point-and, atthe same time, uniformly release the impact energy across the bottom surface. For uniformload distribution on the surface to be treated the optimum rotational speed of the executivebodies of the combine were calculated (SQP method). Presented article is a starting point forfurther development of the tunneling machines with planetary shock the shearing executivebody.

: trajectory of movement, roadheader, actuator, speed bumps, planetaryexecutive body, speed, optimization criterion, optimization techniques.