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S. M. Apollonskiy
Ltd. "Center of elektromehanotroniki"


: Increasing global attention to security issues resulting in the need for moredetailed study of all aspects of safety, their definition and classification, to form a morecorrect legal regulations contain provisions required in the design and operation of high-techindustries. The result of this study - the emergence of new aspects of security.
One aspect to be considered, introduced the concept of "functional safety". Thisconcept has already appeared in the international regulations governing the status, theimplementation of which is recommended for the creation and operation of control systemsfor the automation of high-tech industries.
The concept of "functional safety" when administered in the Patriotic-governmentalpractice requires the use of the term, respectively reasoned determination of the system ofdomestic regulations with the necessary set of regulations governing the provision of itspractical implementation.
The report addressed issues of functional safety and regulatory management in the
field of electromagnetic compatibility of technical means on the electrified railways.

: electromagnetic field, electromagnetic compatibility of electricalequipment, electromagnetic security hardware, functional transportation security, legaldocuments in the field of functional safety on electrified railways.