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Vladimir V. Shmatchenko, Pavel A. Plekhanov
Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University


Abstract: Introduction. The Control System of Maglev Vehicles (further CSMV) haskey value for development maglev.

Purpose. In article management by safe movement of maglev vehicles with use ofdigital radio channel are considered, the international experience is analysed and conclusionsfor Russian practice are drawn.

Methodology. The following methods were used: system approach, analysis andsynthesis, generalization.

Results. CSMV should consider physical possibilities of magnetic levitation, factorsand the restrictions influencing these possibilities, including the factors connected with safety.CSMV should possess complex of functions allowing effectively, full and safely to realisepossibility of magnetic levitation in conditions of specified factors and restrictions.

Practical importance. The basic practical results, which can be received by workingout CSMV, are:
 creation CSMV with high level of control automation and consequently effective andsafe;
 working out within CSMV typical design decisions, applicable for adaptation tomonitoring and control of problems various systems and maglev vehicles;
 creation of preconditions of design and perfection of all complex of regulatoryframework, conformity which provides safety of maglev infrastructure and vehicles;
 reception of interaction experience of the Customer, the research and designorganisations, the industry enterprises, the assembly and maintaining organisations at stages oflife cycle of CSMV, as key subsystem of maglev.

Conclusion. The main appointment of CSMV creation and constant provide ofconditions for safe and effective functioning and development of this new type of transport.

Key words: maglev, digital radio channel, safety, risk analysis.