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Elena M. Volkova
Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University


Abstract: Introduction. Regional passenger companies (RPCs) split-off was a result ofRussian railways restructuring. Now RPCs have some problems of development, one of themis insufficient funding from regional authorities.

Purpose. The purpose of the research is identification of regional passengertransportation general tendencies and features in various countries on the base of internationalexperience survey, including forms of interaction between RPCs and regional authorities. Theresearch is focusing on the following aspects: 1) competition forms at suburban and regionalpassenger transportation markets; 2) railway infrastructure and vehicles ownership; 3) state orprivate ownership on regional passenger companies; 4) regional passenger transportationfinancing schemes; 5) possibilities of regional passenger transportation performance increasing.

Methodology. For achievement of the research purpose general scientific methods wereapplied, such as: analysis and synthesis, generalization, analogy, comparison, induction, systemapproach.

Results. The article has the analysis of competition forms at regional passengertransportation markets. Models of regional passenger transportation development in the worldare classified into competition model and regulatory model.

Practical importance. Results of the research can be used by regional authorities incase of transportation policy development, transport reforming and further regional passengertransportation improvement.

Conclusion. The survey of regional passenger companies development should beconsidered in case of suburban railway passenger transportation reforming in our country. Itmust be kept in mind RPCs operating conditions in certain regions of Russia, the high level ofsocial importance and historical aspects of suburban transportations development.

regional passenger traffic, passenger company, regionalization, competition,regional passenger transportation market.