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Evgeniia A. Kotova
Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University


Abstract: Introduction. The reform of railway transport radically changes forms andmethods of business process management. This reform of JSC "Russian Railways" affects alllevels of management and all types of activity. The key method of reform realization iscompetition development in the sector of railway transportation.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to identify possibilities of railway transportcompetitive advantages development as a result of strategic innovations conception applying.In the paper are considered: features of railway transport innovative development;strategic innovations conception as a base of corporation growth and decline of competitionlevel as a result of new business models; directions and volume of financing of innovativeprocess in JSC "Russian Railways"; technological providing of companys innovative strategyrealization.

Methodology. For achievement of the research purpose general scientific methods wereapplied, such as: system approach, analysis and synthesis, comparison.Results. In the article main directions of railway transport development according toinnovative strategy of JSC "Russian Railways" are considered. The alternative way isrealization of strategic innovations conception.

Practical importance. Strategic innovations conception which described in the articlemay be used in JSC "Russian Railways" when changing of strategic aims and priorities ofcompany development.

Conclusion. In the conditions of modern market enterprises and companies have tosearch new management forms and methods to provide their competitive advantages. Railwaytransport dev elopement strategy supposes rolling stock updating, rising of transportationservices quality, efficiency and safety, building of new railway lines and transport infrastructuremodernization. For JSC "Russian Railways" in this context the main perspectives aredevelopment of human resources potential, assing to innovative development. Strategicinnovations conception is one of the ways of companys competitivenessand efficiencyincreasing, having a perspective of practical application.

Keywords: innovation, innovation management, strategy, strategic innovations,competition, railway transport