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V. E. Vavilov
Ufa State Aviation Technical University


Abstract: Introduction. Typically, when developing mathematical modelsmagnetocavitation systems (magnetic bearings, electrostatic bearings, hybrid magneticbearings (GMP, etc.) is considered just the very bearing as a separate, isolatedElectromechanical system. This approach allows us to accurately explore the processmagnetocavitation systems, but practically does not allow to evaluate the processes occurringin the system of magnetic bearingobject position. To solve this problem, the author proposesa different approach to the analysis of the processes in magnetocavitation systems in Generaland GPC in particular considering the magnetic bearingobject position, as a single complex.

Goal. The work aimed the creation of a generalized analytical model of high-speed,AMPE with coercivity permanent magnet (VPM) on an elastic bearing supports, taking intoaccount the mutual influence of processes in AMPA and bearing supports. This task is new andrelevant and is essential to modern engineering. To solve this problem this paper developed ageneralized mathematical model of the rotor system on a hybrid magnetic suspension. Evaluatethe impact of hybrid magnetic bearings on the overall behavior of the rotor system. Performedanalysis of processes in Electromechanical energy converters and mechanical processesoccurring in the rotary system.

Method and methodology. The research methodology is based on the joint solution ofMaxwell equations and equations describing the mechanical processes of a rotor system withfive degrees of freedom.

Conclusion. The generalized mathematical model of high-speed, AMPE with VPM ona non-contact bearing supports and conducted her research. Based on research of the developedmathematical model, the authors developed an original control algorithm for the rotor positionin a hybrid magnetic bearings, which allows for the design of high-speed, AMPE with VPM toabandon the position sensors of the rotor. In addition, on the basis of the results of calculations,a method was developed for diagnostics of eccentricity of rotor are high-speed, AMPE withVPM, as well as new methods of calculation of high-speed, AMPE with VPM, pastexperimental verification.

Key words: hybrid magnetic levitation system, Electromechanical converters of energy