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A. V. Rubinskiy 1, L. A. Noskin 2
1- Academician I.P. Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University
2-Saint-Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI) National Research Centre
"Kurchatov Institute"


: Among the external physical factors that require attention during theprocess of projecting maglev transport, the key factor is the protection of staff and passengersfrom electromagnetic fields and mechanical accelerations that can cause extreme states inbiochemical and physiological systems of living organisms.
Objective: creation of tools, methods and recommendation systems, allowing toobjectify the assessment of collective and individual security of the human beings being underthe influence of maglev transport; assess the maximum allowable parameters.
Methods: The most efficient way to achieve this goal is to use the methodology ofpolysystemic predictive diagnostics that allows to dynamically track in the degree of balance inregulative system of homeostasis which is a determining factor of individual adaptogenesis.
In accordance with the laws of biomechanics, biomagnetism and stress theory, theimpact of these adverse factors is causing resistive and adaptive restoration physiologicalresponses at the same time, which subsequently, with the continuation of action and increase ofdose and load, modify and lead to extreme and critical (pathological) states in human organism.
From the literature on Biomagnetism, it follows that even weak magnetic fields canprovide highly efficient action, and after organism being exposed to inductive magnetic fieldsof various intensity one-sided physiological shifts were observed. Organism's reactions toacceleration show similar behavior.
The practical significance of the work lies in the fact that the study will specify hygienerequirements in absolute values and duration of adverse factors on the railways. Exceeding theexposure dose exposure on these indicators can cause irreversible negative condition of thebody. However, due to the emergence of a fundamentally new transport technology, existingconcepts require refinement and updating.

: maglev transport, sanogenetic monitoring, adaptation