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Nikita A. Aksenov
Emperor Alexander I Petersburg State Transport University


Abstract: The article presents the advantages Maglev transport compared with othermodes of transport. Analyzed data estimate the cost of construction magnitolevitatsionnoyhighway.
Introduction: This article describes the results achieved by the possible use ofmagnitolevitatsionnyh technologies in transport. The article describes the work required forthe project to establish a freight line using Maglev technology.
Goal: the rationale for the use of magnitolevitatsionnyh technologies for thedevelopment of high-speed movement in Russia.
Method: It considered the founding document: "Transport Strategy of the RussianFederation for the period till 2030" for the development of the network schedule of the projectconstruction of highway trucks using magnetic levitation technology. It presents potentialrisks that may affect the project.
Results: Implementation of container cargo transport magnitolevitatsionnym will meetthe growing demand for cargo transportation, reduce the time of delivery of goods in transit.
Conclusions: The project will improve the efficiency of the transport system, reducetotal costs and create a basis for further development of similar projects in Russia and abroad.

Keywords: magnitolevitatsionny transport magnitolevitatsionnye technology, freighttransportation, magnetic levitation, container cargo, cargo magnitolevitatsionnaya highwayproject network schedule, risks, innovative technologies.